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Format Factory

Format Factory

The ultimate free conversion software for PC

Format Factory is a free multifunctional converter software that's able to convert all types of video, audio and image files. Complete, powerful and free, it's a must-have conversion tool.

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  • Merula Alba

    by Merula Alba

    What do you think about Format Factory? Do you recommend it? Why?What do you think about Format Factory? Do you recommend it? Why?

  • sanata wannasarn

    by sanata wannasarn

    Anonymous. by Anonymous. Good. It's good but can be batter. i think some other feature should be added. Pros: Video to audio conver.

  • Paul Anderson

    by Paul Anderson

    Glad to read on the review that there's a portable version and some alternatives for Mac. Better than on cnet!

  • Abba Yakubu

    by Abba Yakubu

    haven these software in my pc is good to me so am happy to have it thank you

  • sizwe nxumalo

    by sizwe nxumalo

    Yes its good, it make things easier for me. Sometimes i need to email files and out they are large and cannot be sent, so using format factory to convert and compress files makes work easy for me

  • Aji Nur Abdul Rahman

    by Aji Nur Abdul Rahman

    Thankyou for this application is awesome and helping my work :)

  • Udara nayanajith

    by Udara nayanajith

    superb app i ever used.......................................

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Good. It's good but can be batter. i think some other feature should be added. Pros: Video to audio converte. Cons: 4k convete

  • Fino Sangreal

    by Fino Sangreal

    Working Properly and easy to use. Thank You, good app... Working properly and easy to use... Good Job

  • Keenason Digital

    by Keenason Digital

    Bloody good. Very good prog for my needs. Tried others but this works great with simplified interface. Pros: ease of use. Cons: more console presets i.e PSP

  • Shyam Cv

    by Shyam Cv

    very much disappointed. it reduces the size of the pic and also quality after convertin

  • by Anonymous

    Format Factory is a free, richly featured video conversion tool. Format Factory is a free, richly featured video conversion tool that can convert a laundry list of video formats to a wealth of popular, supported formats. Pros: Easy to use

  • Fox Fly

    by Fox Fly

    Recommended to everyone. It is really awesome software I knew and used very long time, until now I'm still using it! :)

  • uniform store

    by uniform store

    Best Software. Its a very good software.I liked it. You can cut, convert or merge any video & audio. Pros: Video & Audio joining & convert

  • uniform store

    by uniform store

    Best software. Its a nice software I liked it. Simple to use and can convert or cut or join videos & audio.

  • by Anonymous

    fantastic. there is nothing to say. it is the best ever i saw.good luck for the of luck.

  • by Anonymous

    Brilliant, can give few more file types but is awsome anyway. Brilliant, can give few more file types but is awsome anyway. Pros: Converts video audio images and much more. allows extensive control using advanced setting. A excellent conversion foundation. Provides many filr type to convert to. Cons: Can be confusing for users with the various settings. a tiny bit outdated. could use more file typ More

  • Kellie Palmer

    by Kellie Palmer

    It works great!!!. Simple effective free and works fast without over complicating the process - I love it!! Pros: Simple beautiful design. Works fast and effective. Cons: nothing

  • by Anonymous

    Problem with version Problem! I regularly convert wmv files to flv file. With previous verson the flv file size is about 1/3 of the original wmv file, but with the, the file size almost does not change. But what is worse is that the audio format of the flv file cannot be played by my smart TV and it gives the error info "audio format is not supported", which did More

  • by Anonymous

    Yes1. I feel that If I have at least sixty characters, I will be - Pros: Numbah 1. Numbah 2. Cons: Numbah 5. Numbah 4

  • by Anonymous

    by far the best converter i have ever used!. by far the best converter i have ever used! super easy to use and has conversion for things that, even as a programmer, i have never heard of. super reliable and only fails if the file is corrupted. Pros: easy to use. good coverage. just works

  • by Anonymous

    Latest versions are broken. FF used to be my favourite media converter, but since version it fails to convert anything (tried version and and they fail too)

  • by Anonymous

    when i try to joining vedios then it shows failtoconvert. vedio joiner could not working.when i try to joining vedios then it shows failtoconvert

  • by Anonymous

    Best Media Converter. the best media converter i have ever use. it has the potentiality of converting almost any kind of media files...

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Malware!. Malware! I hate this! Do not install! Fake! :( I think this app should be deleted from this site! it's totally Fake! Cons: Delete this! It's a Fake App! And It's a Virus

  • by Anonymous

    don't install , full of trojans. downloads stupid search engine with it , destroid my browesers, killed all my opend tabs

  • by Anonymous

    many file can change to other format correctly. great software, i like this. because this software easy to use, supported many format and work correctly

  • by Anonymous

    It's so good it can probably convert Granny into Kendall Jenner! . I've been running for a while and it's a brilliant tool to have in the box. Converts pretty much any media file to anything. One of my top program finds. Pros: It's so flexible - I've yet to find a format I can't convert. Cons: I'm stuck on an old version as update files error

  • by Anonymous

    Do not install. Used years ago when it was good, now its a trojan - full of damaging software - DO NOT INSTALL. Pros: NOTHING. Cons: ANYTHING

  • by Anonymous

    Useless. Buggy, messes the tags of non-latin characters named songs,DOES NOT convert FLAC to MP3, sometimes it slows down pc perfomance or works very slowly, and finally, aside from being extremely buggy you even have to manually replace files because this program is nowhere useful as MP3 Quality Modifier for the basic function of bitrate changing. the Multithreading is the sole pro. Pros: Multith More